Monday 23 September 2013

Harvest Monday - 23 September 2013

My harvests this week were mostly of the same things I have harvested for the past 3 or 4 weeks - Runner beans, tomatoes, chillis, potatoes and cucumbers - (not that that's a bad thing), but I also harvested the last of my beetroot, which is. No more home-grown beetroot till next June :-(

20 September harvest

Beetroot "Boltardy" - the last of the year

The Runner Beans just keep on going. This batch I picked on Friday weighed just over 900g:

Runner Beans - "Scarlet Empire"

I don't generally weigh my harvests, but just for curiosity I did weigh some of the tomatoes seen here - the little "Maskotka" ones. This batch was 600g.

The potatoes this time were a mix of "Ratte" (the last ones of this type for the year) and "Pink Fir Apple":

What can I say about cucumbers that I haven't already said??? They have been hugely successful this year.

Just for the record: my cucumbers are all grown outside, without the aid of a greenhouse. The best of my two varieties is "Melen F1", but the other - "Iznik F1" is also not bad. 

I haven't mentioned chillis yet. This is because I'm picking them in ones and twos as they ripen. The smaller ones are going into the freezer for later use, and the larger ones are going into a basket in the airing-cupboard which is doing duty as a de-hydrator. When I have enough dry chillis I plan to grind them up to make my own paprika.

"NuMex Suave Orange" and "Cyclon"


  1. I harvested the last of my beetroot yesterday too. It was roasted and I ate it with tea, delicious. I've got a bit of an experiment going at the moment though, I've sown some late beetroot to see if I can get a late crop. It might do will if we continue with some nice weather but not if the cold weather returns. It's seems to have been a good year all round for cucumbers, I've harvested more this year than ever before.

  2. Beautiful harvest. I just love those peppers. So pretty. I need to finish picking my beets too. I keep saying to myself, not until I know what I am going to do with them and have time to do never happens! Great harvest!

  3. Still a good harvest for he time of year isn't it?

  4. Hmm I seem to have lost my comment. But beautiful harvests.

  5. Wonderful harvest again Mark. And thank you for the cucumber info, it is good to know you can grow such good fruits without a greenhouse. I am very impressed with your potatoes, they are flawless perfection!

  6. Great harvest! Wonderful that you are still harvesting beets this late; mine finished over a month ago and I miss them!

  7. It's always sad when the last of the beets are pulled!

  8. This harvest looks great! We have been lucky with cucumbers this year and experimented making cucumber gin..well you just add gin to shredded cucumber and let rest for a week in the fridge. Fun. Still, your idea of making one's own paprika is exciting. Let us know how that turns out.

  9. Lovely harvest.

    I never tire of marveling at our ability to see what's growing in gardens all around the globe. Such a pleasure!

  10. We are fortunate in being able to grow beetroot year round. Your other harvests are looking great too - I noticed today that my runner beans have just started to shoot. I hope I get some as good as yours.


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