Monday 16 September 2013

Harvest Monday - 16 September 2013

My little garden has been producing copious quantities of vegetables this past week. I have picked over 2.5kg of Runner Beans, about 500g of the yellow "Meraviglia di Venezia" beans, dozens of chillis, 11 cucumbers, a couple of "Little Gem" lettuces, another batch of "Pink Fir Apple" potatoes and absolutely masses of tomatoes of various sorts.

Chillis, tomatoes and lettuce

Chillis, tomatoes, lettuce and a few beans

Tomatoes "Maskotka" and "Sungold"

"Maskotka" and "Sungold"

Beans, beans and more beans


Cucumbers "Melen F1" (left) and "Iznik F1" (right)


Potatoes "Pink Fir Apple"

"Pink Fir Apple"
After a very difficult year last year, 2013 has been a great year for veg (well, certainly here in the UK). My Winter veg also look very promising. The Brussels Sprouts are swelling nicely, and the Cavolo Nero is going to be ready to start cropping very soon. I can't tell what the Parsnips are like underground, but the foliage is luxuriant enough. I just wish I had had enough space to grow a few Leeks...


  1. Go on squeeze a few mini leeks in. You can pick them whilst still small and grow in a tub!

  2. WOW! Its those baskets of redness that are wonderful. Just so vibrant.

  3. That's a smashing harvest. Anyone would think you'd got an allotment rather than a garden veg plot.

  4. Look at all those tomatoes! Jealous.

  5. sweet shades of red! Makes me want to paint!

  6. You've had really amazing harvests. I agree with Jo, really smashing, and much better than my outputs. You should think about teaching veg growing classes.

  7. That is a really nice pile of vegetables. It all looks so colorful.

  8. Wow! Those are some amazing tomatoes. I always need more than I grow - next time I shall put more plants in I think. Your cucumbers are fantastic too.

  9. Are the Pink Fir Apple potatoes pink inside?

    1. No, unfortunately they are a yellowy-white colour inside. Wouldn't it be nice if they WERE pink though?

  10. That is really a great harvest you have this week! That's a lot of runner beans! Everything you pictured is so beautiful and healthy looking!

  11. I didn't want to say wow yet again Mark...but I'm going to have to...'WOW'
    You must be so proud of your patch! ;D

    Beautiful colours and I feel healthier just by looking at them...never mind eating them. I live in hope that I can emulate a tiny amount of your green finger talent.
    Enjoy your harvest :D

  12. Nice work! Nestle some leeks in. Potato leek soup!

  13. Wow !!! Amazing !!! Can I come to your garden ? :-))


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