Thursday, 29 June 2017


Yesterday I harvested another pot of potatoes. This time it was "Kestrel", the first of my Second Early types.

Because of its attractive colouring, this variety is one that is often chosen for the showbench. Mine are not up to Show standard, because the skins are not smooth enough, but they are quite acceptable for use in the domestic kitchen.

This batch weighed-in at 940g, which seems to me to be a fairly reasonable yield from a single seed-tuber. More would be nice, but this was OK, and there were several good-sized tubers.

They look better after washing...

If you look carefully you will see that some of them have a little bit of Scab - the rough brown lesions on the skin. This is what would prevent them from being any good for Showing.

After removing the potatoes, I put the soil back in the container (a 35-litre black plastic tub, diameter 40cm) and planted in it five of my spare Leeks:

In this shot you can just see one of the slightly smaller pots with Dwarf French Beans in.

Empty growing-space is a rarity in my garden!


  1. We're growing Kestrel this year but haven't harvested any yet.


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