Monday 12 December 2016

Harvest Monday - 12 Dec 2016

There's not a huge amount coming out of my garden at present, though even the little harvests are welcome. This week Jane has been making and freezing some of the food for our Christmas dinner, so Sage from the garden has gone into Sage-and-Onion Stuffing, and Bay leaves into the Bread Sauce. I have also used some Leaf Celery in a couple of the dishes I have made.

Rather more substantial was this batch of Parsnips:

These ones are of the variety "Duchess", which has become a favourite of mine. It produces long, regular roots with very few forked ones.

This shot gives a better idea of their size. That's a washing-up bowl in which they are sitting.

One or two of the bigger ones had some canker around the crowns, but the smaller ones were largely clear, which is a relief.

A mild dose of canker around the crown

The Carrots are nearing the end of the line, having produced for me a sizeable (if not pretty) crop. After this batch I think there will be just one more of a similar size.

As usual, this batch included a range of different shapes and sizes. They a mix of all four of my varieties - Autumn King, Norwich, Darina and Kelly.

Well, that's the extent of my harvest this week. I'm linking my post to Dave's Harvest Monday, over on Our Happy Acres.


  1. Harvests in the middle of December are very appreciated, aren't they - even if it's just a few herbs. Those are some nice sized parsnips & the carrots look quite good too. I thankfully pulled the last of the leeks last week as our garden is buried under a foot of snow at the moment.

  2. Your parsnips look great. I'm still waiting for the few in my garden to size up. I can't wait to roast them with some Brussels sprouts.

  3. Those are some nice looking parsnips! As for the carrots, thankfully 'pretty' doesn't have much to do with taste or nutrition, so I'm sure they will all be much appreciated in the kitchen. It made me think of Lou's mountain of carrots at the gleaning that didn't make the grade because they weren't perfect enough to sell.

  4. We were hoping to get to the plot today for more fresh veg but it was rather drizzly - that's where you have to advantage over us. We still had a few parsnips left at home for tonight's dinner but need to try and harvest more tomorrow.


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