Monday 5 December 2016

Harvest Monday - 05 December 2016

My only harvest this week has been these chillis:

On Monday evening I picked all the remaining fruits from the plants which are still outdoors, albeit inside my plastic greenhouses, because a heavy frost was predicted.

Sure enough, it has been very cold for the last several days, with severe frosts most nights. The chilli plants are now dead, I think, so it's just as well that I grabbed their last fruits while I could.

The big fat ones are Rocotos - "Alberto's Locoto".


These are "Ring of Fire". I have been a bit disappointed with them. I grew two plants, hoping that they would be my main crop of culinary chillis, but they were very slow to develop and only produced their first ripe fruit at the end of October.

Ring of Fire

There were a few of "Serrano".


These are the last of "Turkey, Small, Red".

Turkey, Small, Red

None of the "Nosferatu" ones have ripened (they go red when ripe), but at least they have developed into some interesting shapes!


That's all I have to offer for this week, so you had better head over to Our Happy Acres to see if anyone else has harvested something more substantial!


  1. Seems appropriate somehow harvesting chillies when the week had been chilly - more so for you than us I think which is rather surprising

  2. Mark, would you dig those plants up and bring them inside for awhile or to keep over to next year? Is that possible in your climate? Am terrifically envious of your success with the plants, as the fruit are beautiful; a painting really. Just beautiful. (photographer of course being very good))))

    1. Hi Bren; The plants I described here are well and truly frosted to death, but a few weeks ago I did prepare some other ones for over-Wintering and brought them indoors. I described my method here: I usually find I get about a 50% survival rate with chillis treated this way.

  3. That one Nosferatu looks like a mouse with ears! I got my last fresh ones from a plant I had in the greenhouse. Other than a few left on my plants in the basement, that's the end of fresh chilis here for me.


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