Thursday 21 March 2019

First harvest of PSB

It was my birthday on Monday, and one of my ways of celebrating was to pick the first of the season's Purple Sprouting Broccoli to have with our dinner. It was only a few spears, but since this is one of my favourite vegetables, it certainly did qualify as a special treat! This first batch was from my "Rudolph" plant.

While picking the spears I was very conscious that not only do different varieties of PSB mature at different times, but they also produce spears of very different colours. "Rudolph" is very blue:


At the other end of the scale is "Early Purple Sprouting", which as almost red:

"Early Purple Sprouting"

And "Red Spear" is somewhere in the middle:

"Red Spear"

To be honest, I don't think the different varieties have noticeably different flavours though. To me they all seem equally good! In the past I have grown White Sprouting Broccoli ("White Eye") and I found it to be a lot stronger in flavour than its purple cousins - it had a very "brassica-ey" taste, if you know what I mean, more along the lines of Brussels Sprouts, and I know that doesn't appeal to everyone.

"White Eye" - photo from 2011

I'm hoping that with my 3 plants being of 3 different varieties I will be able to pick batches of spears for much longer than would be the case if they were all of the same type. With a bit of luck my harvest period will last until about the end of April, or possibly later, by which time I'll need to start thinking about sowing next year's crop!


  1. Shouldn't Rudolph be the red one? At least this year I don't just have to look enviously at your PSB.

  2. That broccoli is so beautiful! I love your garden! I've posted a link to your blog from a post on mine about garden envy. I just wanted to let you know that I've done so in case you have any concerns. I have been reading your back posts which as have been really helpful as I've been expanding my gardens this year.

    1. Hi Lauren; I have no problem with that link of yours - thanks for the additional publicity! BTW, we don't get to use the outdoor eating area very much, due to the "variable" British weather! It's a nice place to sip a cool glass of wine on a warm Summer evening though.


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