Thursday 23 August 2018

Some colour in the garden

When people use that phrase - "some colour in the garden", they are usually referring to flowers. Not me though. As ever, my attention is fixed on the veggies!

I harvested a few more "Purple Dragon" carrots on Monday. They are certainly colourful. As it happens, they taste very nice too. I don't have many of them and they seem to be quite a small type, so we ate them raw as a pre-dinner nibble.

Here's another colourful beauty. It is my recently-harvested "Uchiki Kuri" squash. This type is sometimes referred to as the "Onion Squash", so I thought it would be appropriate to finish drying it in amongst my remaining "Ailsa Craig" onions.

Incidentally, we have been eking out the onions and using them only as "specials". I don't see them lasting beyond the end of next month, because they are so nice. They are so mild and sweet you can quite happily eat them raw without getting smelly breath or the taste of onion lingering in your mouth for hours.

I'm going to include these Runner Bean flowers in my colourful line-up (yes, I know, they are flowers, but at least they are veg flowers!).

Notice the pollen on the petals!

My Runner Beans have responded well to the lower temperatures and the rain we had a few days ago. They are very belatedly forming quite a lot of pods. Let's hope they mature very rapidly to make up for the pathetically poor crop they have delivered so far.

The best of the pods are almost bound to be on the furthest, most difficult to reach, parts of the plants, which have climbed up into the overhanging Cockspur Thorn tree!

Beans growing up into the tree

Lots of ripe chillis are now contributing their colour. This one is "Aji Limo". So far the plant has very few fruits, but they are very attractive to look at.

And this curly thing is "Whippet's Tail".

These are some of my precious few "Winter Banana" apples:

And this is a "Palla Rossa" Radicchio. It's currently a bit of a greenish-red colour but gradually turning redder, and will become even more so when the weather turns cooler in the Autumn.

I've written about tomatoes a couple of times recently, but I must include at least one photo of them here:

Tomato "Bumblebee Sunrise"

Definitely colourful!

Despite the preponderance of veggies in my garden, I do have some flowers, so I'll end this post with a shot of some Rudbeckia, just to prove the point:

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