My plot

Note: I originally did this page in such a way that the oldest content was at the top, and the newest was at the bottom. I have now decided to reverse the order so that new stuff is visible without having to scroll down to the end!

November 2012 - Brassicas at rear, lots of Endives under cloches

October 2012 - the Woodblocx raised bed is installed

This is where the original "My Plot" page began.

Here are some pictures that show the layout of my plot.

My house is a "typical" English suburban property. It has a small garden -- probably intended only for ornamental purposes. Regrettably, many people do not enjoy gardening, and having a small garden is attractive to such people since it involves less maintenance (what a strange view!)

Front view of my house

My property has almost no Front Garden -- just a tiny patch of grass and one Crab Apple tree -- but the Back Garden is my pride and joy. It is very roughly 10 metres square. When we first moved in here, the garden consisted mainly of a "lawn" (in very bad condition, and very uneven), surrounded by a very thin strip of "flower border".

This is how it used to look, years ago

In our early years here we enjoyed having the lawn as a play area for our children, and we sometimes used to play badminton on it. As the children grew up, the relevance of the lawn diminished, and the drudgery of keeping it in anything like decent condition became more and more onerous. About 10 years ago I dug up some of the lawn and created my first raised beds. These have subsequently been added-to and I now have six. Each one measures 1 metre x 2.4 metres. Finally, in 2007 I think, I had the grass completely removed and replaced with 2.5cm shingle. This was a stroke of genius in my opinion!

August 2010 - six raised beds fully-stocked

The patio - our outdoor dining area, with barbecue at right

Looking towards the raised beds

That blessed washing-line! (Rusted-in - can't shift it!)

The "Fish Tree" (a Sorbus of some sort) with bird-feeders

Compost bins under the Fish tree

September 2010 - netting over some of the beds

October 2010 - nets replaced by fleece

November 2010 - just look at all those leaves
My shed - 6ft x 4ft

November 2010

18 Dec 2010

18 Dec 2010

12 March 2011 - peas sown
13 March 2011 - parsnips and beetroot protected by new cloches

19 March 2011 - The tatty old grass at the front got replaced with shingle
15 April 2011 - Crab Apple tree flowering

25 April 2011 - Brassicas removed; asparagus cropping; beetroot netted.

28 May 2011 - Broad Beans, Climbing Beans, Brassicas...

28 May 2011 - the patio still covered in seed-trays and mini-greenhouses

28 May  - view onto the road. Cucumber bin at bottom right

27 June 2011 - the Outdoor Dining Room is enabled once more!

07 Jan 2012 - Mostly resting. New cloches hosting Lettuce

03 Mar 2012 - Netting everywhere (to deter foxes)

03 Mar 2012 - Pea-supports in foreground

03 Mar 2012 - Parsnips and beetroot sown under cloches

03 Mar 2012 - Shallots and Garlic under net in background

03 Mar 2012 - "Empty" bed is the one containing Asparagus plants

01 June 2012 - Chillis in front of Runner Beans

01 June 2012 - Tomato plants lined up next to the water-butt