Sunday, 11 September 2011

"Mi-cuit" tomatoes

At this time of the year we often have an abundance of little tomatoes, such as these ones on this very compact (35cm tall) "Wilma" plant:

We love eating them raw, but occasionally we cook them into a semi-dried or "Mi-cuit" state. Doing this with them concentrates the flavour. Earlier this week I prepared a batch. This is how I did it.

I used a shallow baking tray. I lightly oiled it with olive oil, covered it with halved tomatoes (mostly  the little "Maskotka" and "Tumbling Junior Yellow" ones), and sprinkled the toms with a little salt, a few drops of olive oil and a either a tiny pinch of dried Oregano or a couple of flakes of dried chilli (I did one tray of each actually). Here's one of the trays just before it went into the oven:

I cooked the tomatoes ("warmed" would perhaps be more accurate) in a very low oven for about three hours, checking them every half-hour or so. When they are done they are soft and gooey, but not crispy or burned. A little tip: try to use tomatoes that are as nearly as possible all the same size. I found that one or two of the very small ones went dry before the bigger ones were ready.

This is the end result:

These were mostly eaten the same evening as they were made, as part of of a Middle Eastern-style meal, though they will (if allowed) keep for a couple of days in a sealed box in the fridge, or for a few weeks if you immerse them in olive oil. They are really yummy served as a "nibble" with a drink before dinner.

I think they would also be useful for livening-up almost any pasta dish.

Doesn't that last picture make your eyes go funny???


  1. They look delicious. I think I may try this myself.

  2. looks like a good idea - we roast tomatoes before freezing in a similar way.

  3. Looks absolutely delicious. I've tried sun drying my tomatoes as we get plenty of sun round the year. But the oven is a better option even for me as there's no risk of the squirrels and crows disturbing them.

  4. Oh Mark, I am halfway around the world and I just did EXACTLY the same thing! Well, not quite, but almost :) Yours look wonderful, and I'll bet they were full of flavour.

    Fabulously great minds really do think alike :)

  5. I don't know about my eyes, but my tummy is most certainly grumbling for your tomatoes! They look amazing.

  6. Funny, I made a couple of trays of these on Friday evening too. Great minds...!
    The ones we didn't eat I pressed through a nylon sieve to make tomato puree to freeze for the winter.
    Yours look very colourful and tasty.


  7. Yummmm - my daughter is always on at me to do oven dried tomatoes - I dont know if you can get the variety Principe Borghese in the UK but they are my favourite variety to dry - I think because the plants tend to produce fairly uniformly sized small tomatoes.

  8. love love a sundried tomato - we did them on top of the caravan one hot year, truly sun dried. have a dehydrator now - so good to have a way of preserving the glut.

  9. Those do look good, quite a colorful the looks of that little Wilma plant.

  10. Mark - thanks for your recipe. I'm trying this for the first time today as I have a glut of various small plum type tomatoes. It going well and smells great. I used thyme, oregano, and black pepper on mine - can't wait to taste them.


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